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Nursing Bras For Comfort And Support 

So much of a woman’s body undergoes change and transformation during pregnancy and childbirth. Notably, most expectant mothers might see and feel differences in not just their bellies but also the chest area as their body prepares for birth. 

We understand that you might be a little emotionally attached to a gorgeous lingerie set that you’ve loved for a long time, but as you inch into the second trimester, you might want to reach for something that is more comfortable and tailored to the changes that your body is going through. Designed to comfort you through each phase of pregnancy and postpartum, Mothercare’s range of maternity bras offers you support, coverage, and ease of mind. Available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colours, our collection of nursing and maternity bras will fit any expecting mum’s needs. 

Whether you are in the early stages of pregnancy, the third trimester, or nursing your baby, you can now take your pick from our range of comfortable maternity nursing bras. Looking for more? We also have maternity briefs, support belts, maternity pillows for a better night’s sleep, and toiletries to help ease motherhood. 

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Many women experience changes to their breasts in the early stages of pregnancy, with research indicating that you can increase by a cup size or more in just the first trimester alone. Coupled with an expanding ribcage and tenderness, your old bras may not fit or feel as comfortable as they used to. 

While some mothers can stick to their normal bras and increase the band or cup size accordingly, those looking for ultimate comfort will delight in the small but handy modifications that maternity and nursing bras offer.

Designed to be worn during pregnancy, maternity bras often come in stretchy fabrics and offer greater support for growing breasts with wider straps and deeper underbust bands. Our range of maternity bras also comes with more hooks and eyes than normal bras so that you can loosen and tighten them according to the changes in your body. These maternity bras are also wireless to protect your tender breast tissues. Furthermore, the retainer straps and drop-down cups are a versatile addition that doubles up as a nursing bra to accommodate changing bodies from pregnancy through various breastfeeding stages. 

Give yourself the gift of comfort and ease when you invest in the right nursing bra for your pregnancy and breastfeeding stages. Your body is putting in a lot of work, so we recommend you support it with a bra that feels seamless. From early growth to nursing and all the pumping in between, wearing a nursing or maternity bra will keep you feeling comfortable and prepared. 

Read our baby essentials guide for first-time parents to find out more information about the things you’ll need to help you better ease into parenthood.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mothercare Malaysia’s Maternity Bras

1. Is it necessary for me to use a nursing bra during pregnancy

You may go without a maternity or nursing bra if your breasts are naturally small. What’s most important is the level of comfort you’re feeling. However, if you are fuller in the chest, a maternity bra will provide you with proper support and convenience when you begin nursing your baby. 

Our range of nursing bras is wireless and designed in a way that does not add pressure to your tender breast tissues. Furthermore, if you are experiencing discomfort when feeding your baby, a nursing bra can reduce leaking and soreness, helping to heal your breasts. 

2. How do I choose a maternity or nursing bra? 

A good practice to take note of when choosing a maternity or nursing bra is always to pick one that is at least a cup and back size bigger than your everyday bra. This is to account for the changes your chest goes through during pregnancy or after childbirth. Most nursing bras we carry also come with nursing clips and drop-down cups, so the front of the bra drops discreetly and conveniently for your baby to feed or when you need to pump. 

Suppose you’re not sure where to start when shopping online. In that case, you can always contact our Digital Nursery Advisors from Mothercare Malaysia for assistance on the size and type of maternity bras to look out for. Alternatively, you can also head down to any of our Mothercare Experience Stores in Malaysia to try on our maternity and nursing bras to find the right size. 

3. Do nursing bras come with padding? 

Our nursing bras do not come with padding to optimise breast health across the various breastfeeding stages and reduce restrictive elements. However, they are designed with slits, so you can insert breast pads if you prefer more coverage.

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