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Breastfeeding is an incredibly special bonding experience between a mother and her baby. However, it can be challenging and even stressful at times. One of the biggest challenges is dealing with the discomfort and embarrassment caused by leaking milk. As a new mother, the last thing you want is to feel self-conscious or worried about stains on your clothing. Leaks can even lead to skin irritation, sore nipples, and infections like mastitis.

If you've returned to work after maternity leave, leaks can add stress and anxiety, making it difficult to focus on your professional responsibilities. This is where nursing breast pads come in. They offer reliable protection against leaks, so you can feel comfortable and confident while breastfeeding or going about your daily activities. With breast pads, you no longer have to worry about discomfort or unsightly stains on your clothing.

But, there’s more to postpartum sanitary essentials than just breast pads. 

Maternity Sanitary Pads

Just like nursing breast pads, postpartum essentials like sanitary pads are also crucial for new mothers. After giving birth, it's normal for bleeding to be heavy at first and then gradually decrease over the next few weeks. Regular underwear is not sufficient to handle this bleeding, which is where sanitary pads come in. They are necessary to absorb the bleeding and keep sensitive areas clean and dry, preventing infection.

Using the right type of sanitary pad post-birth provides protection and comfort for new mothers. These pads play a crucial role in absorbing the bleeding and keeping the sensitive areas clean as well as dry. Besides hygiene, it’s also about preventing infections that could cause discomfort or even further complications. Additionally, wearing maternity briefs or pants can also help keep the sanitary pads securely in place.

At Mothercare Malaysia, we understand that motherhood can be challenging, and we want to make it easier for all mothers. Our nursing breast pads and sanitary pads are designed to cater to the needs of new mothers to help make your postpartum recovery more manageable. 

How to Choose the Right Breast and Sanitary Pads

As a new mother, self-care is just as important as caring for your newborn. After giving birth, managing your menstrual flow and milk leakage becomes crucial to your postpartum recovery.

When choosing sanitary pads, it’s best to prioritise comfort and absorption. Opt for pads designed explicitly for postpartum use, which are thicker and more absorbent than regular pads. Look for those with a larger surface area to provide full coverage and prevent leaks and wings to help keep them in place. Soft, breathable materials can also reduce irritation and discomfort, which is especially important during this sensitive time. 

When selecting breast pads, look for highly absorbent and comfortable options. While disposable breast pads are convenient, reusable or washable ones can be more eco-friendly and budget-friendly. Soft, breathable materials will also prevent nipple irritation and discomfort, so make sure to choose a size and shape that fits well and provides full coverage.

Remember to change your pads frequently to maintain hygiene and prevent infections. The best thing to do is to always have extras on hand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast & Sanitary Pads

How long can I wear breast pads for? 

Changing breast pads frequently is important, ideally, every three to four hours or as needed, based on your milk production and feeding schedule. Keeping your breast pads fresh and clean can help prevent discomfort and infection while ensuring you feel confident and comfortable throughout your breastfeeding journey.

How to use breast pads?

When using breast pads, simply place them inside your bra cup, ensuring the pad covers your nipple area completely and feels comfortable. If you're using washable breast pads, wash them before your first use to ensure they're clean and ready to go.

At Mothercare Malaysia, we understand that as a new mother, you may have many questions about what products to use and how to use them. If you're unsure which type of maternity pad or breast pad to buy, you can contact our Digital Nursery Advisors via WhatsApp for guidance and support. Our experienced team can help match your needs with the right sanitary and breastfeeding essentials while also offering you more on what else you’ll require from our maternity care collection to recover well from childbirth. We’ll also help you assemble other postpartum necessities, such as breast pumps, nursing chairs and more!

You can also visit our Mothercare Experience Stores in Malaysia to view and feel our products in person.

How many maternity pads do I need? 

The amount of maternity sanitary pads you’ll need will depend on the extent of your postpartum bleeding and how frequently you change them. As a general rule of thumb, it is advisable to have at least four to five packs of sanitary pads on hand for postpartum recovery and disposable maternity briefs or pants if you prefer not to reuse them.

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