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First Walkers To Support Your Child’s Growing Feet

Just a few months of rolling around, sitting, and crawling, your little ones will be on their feet before you know it. The first tentative steps are a huge milestone in any child’s life, let alone the parents who spend every waking moment in anticipation of it. While babies can wear shoes and slippers from as early as birth, it is not until they are walking that shoes become a necessity instead of a cute fashion statement. 

You will need different types of shoes depending on your child's stage with their toddling around. For instance, if they are not on the move, or maybe just crawling, booties and baggies to help keep their toes warm. But, when they are properly moving, you will need something more substantial such as first walker shoes. 

Our collection of baby walking shoes is specially designed for your little ones as they begin exploring the world around them. PU leather that feels soft against the skin while comfortably padded insoles and back heels help support the ankle – Mothercare Malaysia offers some of the best first walking shoes for babies. 

Shop First Walker Shoes for Baby Girls and Boys

Choosing the first proper pair of shoes for your baby girl or boy is a big step. After all, these first walkers will help your child walk confidently, unaided. Hence, fit and comfort are key.

For instance, the soles should be flexible to allow movement, and the shoes should be designed using breathable fabric – high-quality PU leather moulds to the shape of its wearer’s foot, and it’s easy to keep clean. This means your child can explore the world however they want, whilst the new shoes will shape their unique footprint and let their bones develop properly. Be sure to let your baby wear socks with their new shoes to help them break in and prevent rubbing or abrasion on their soft skin. You should also go for a fastening that is quick and easy to secure, such as a Velcro or a buckle. Avoid getting laces since they are better suited for slightly older children who’d be happy to stand still for a few seconds as you tie them.

We understand that having a new walker is a grand adventure, and you can count on Mothercare Malaysia to support those busy feet with our range of first walker shoes. You’ll be able to find a wide variety of baby walking shoes – including adorable baby sandals – designed to provide the comfort and support your little one needs to move and grow. Our range of baby and walker shoes also feature wider toe boxes, flexible support, and non-slip outsoles with a rounded design. We know how fast little feet can grow, and you can be sure that Mothercare is with you with beautiful newborn booties, pram shoes, and first walkers. 

Frequently Asked Questions About First Walker Shoes

1. What type of shoes are best for first walkers

We recommend parents choose first walker shoes that have a completely flat sole, without grooves or arch supports, as your baby is learning to walk. Keeping their feet completely flat helps stimulate the neurons in the brain to aid their cognitive and motor skill development. 

2. Should babies wear shoes while learning to walk? 

Babies should stay barefoot as much as possible when they’re learning to walk. As such, most first walker shoes have soft and flexible soles so that your baby’s tactile pathways can better feel the surface of the ground. This, in turn, results in the development of strength, spatial orientation, balance, and coordination. 

3. How do you buy a baby’s first walker shoes

You can always head down to any Mothercare Experience Store in Malaysia for our staff to check your baby’s feet size. But, if you want to measure their feet on your own, you can try these tips: 

  1. Use your thumb to press down on the front of the shoe to see how far from the top your child’s toes are. 
  2. It’s best to have approximately 14mm space in their first walkers, and see if you can slip your little finger snugly into the back of the shoe to ensure it’s not too tight on the heel. 

If you have no time to head down to the store, fret not. You can always reach out to our team of Digital Nursery Advisors from Mothercare Malaysia. Equipped with years of experience, our service team of specialists will guide you on the appropriate first walker shoes to purchase online.

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