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As parents, you want only the best for your child, whether in the food they eat or the clothes they wear. Here at Mothercare Malaysia, we know that also extends to the toys and games your little one gets to play with. Play is crucial in the early development of babies and toddlers, and having the right toys at home can help give your little ones that much-needed boost in their early years.

That’s why we’ve curated a collection of high-quality Early Learning Centre (ELC) baby and toddler toys to meet you and your family’s needs. Thoughtfully designed by leading British toymakers ELC, these baby and toddler activity toys provide a fun and engaging platform for your bub to learn, explore, and grow – all at the same time.

Benefits of Play in Early Childhood Development

Play is not just about fun and games. It's an essential part of your child's developmental journey, even when they’re still in their newborn or infant stage. Toys serve as tools to facilitate this growth while also providing you with ample opportunities to bond with your bub. Here are just some of the ways play can benefit your child:

  • Sensory stimulation: The various colours and textures present in baby activity toys help to engage your child’s still-developing senses through sight, hearing, and touch. Sensory toys and games also help build neural connections in your baby’s brain, fostering cognitive development and a heightened awareness of the world around them.
  • Motor skill development: ELC offers a wide range of activity toys to encourage motor and movement skills in your child. Building blocks, for instance, not only keep your child engaged in an open-ended way but help hone fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Cognitive development: As your baby enters the toddler stage, they can begin to benefit from learning toys like puzzles or number games. These introduce your child to mathematical and logical concepts, providing a solid foundation for their future academic learning.
  • Encouraging imagination: Pretend playsets or role-play toys offer your child a canvas to act out stories, fostering creativity. They also help your toddler make sense of new experiences, promoting social and emotional development.

Wondering which baby or toddler toy suits your child’s developmental needs best? Get in touch with our friendly Digital Nursery Advisors (DNA) for complimentary product recommendations and parenting advice. Reach out via WhatsApp, or visit a Mothercare Malaysia store near you to check out our catalogue in person. 

Shop High-Quality Baby and Toddler Toys at Mothercare Malaysia

Mothercare Malaysia strives to offer parents a wide range of high-quality ELC toys that are educational, safe, and fun. From infant learning toys that stimulate your baby’s senses to toddler activity toys for young boys and girls, find it all at our online store. Shop baby and nursery essentials online at your convenience, and let us deliver the joy of learning and play to your doorstep with free shipping in East and West Malaysia for orders over MYR400. Find out more in our FAQs and delivery information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby & Toddler Toys

What toddler toys can a two-year-old have?

Two-year-olds can benefit from toys that foster creativity, motor skills, and cognitive development. Examples include building blocks, simple puzzles, pretend play toys, and toddler activity toys that encourage physical movement. These will equip your two year old for the skills needed to enjoy nursery or preschool, as well as build their long-term capabilities leading up to their formal education.

What kind of toys should toddlers play with?

Toddlers should play with toys that promote learning, creativity, and physical activity. This includes puzzles, pretend play sets, building blocks, and age-appropriate outdoor toys like sand play sets, all of which contribute to their holistic development. Craft toys are another fun way to encourage their motor skills through play while also letting them express themselves.

Do toddlers need a lot of toys?

Quality always trumps quantity when it comes to toys for babies and toddlers. Having a select few, well-chosen toys that stimulate different aspects of development is better than having a multitude of toys that serve a similar purpose. Open-ended toys such as wooden blocks or plastic tiles also offer an infinite number of opportunities for creative play, encouraging your child to develop their imagination.

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