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Supportive Maternity Pillows For A Comfortable Pregnancy

Pregnancy and the journey afterwards is an exciting yet demanding experience. This is why having the right support can make all the difference.

Find comfort during your pregnancy with high-quality maternity pillows from Mothercare Malaysia. Our pillows are designed to provide back and lumbar support to your body as it adjusts to the changes that come with pregnancy or can also be used after birth while breastfeeding or bottlefeeding bubba!

Even better, our maternity and pregnancy pillows also come in U shapes and C shapes, ensuring there is something suitable for every mama’s individual needs. Browse all of them online today on Mothercare Malaysia!

Say Goodbye To Back Pain During Pregnancy & Feeding

Pregnancy can be a difficult period of time, especially when it comes to mitigating the discomfort caused by back pain. The right type of maternity pillow can provide much needed relief and allow pregnant mothers to focus on enjoying the journey to motherhood. These pillows are specifically designed to support the changing shape of a pregnant woman’s body while alleviating excess pressure—allowing mums-to-be to nap or sleep more soundly and better manage their day-to-day activities with improved comfort levels. 

Breastfeeding or bottle feeding? Maternity pillows can also provide extra support for both mother and baby during feedings, allowing your arms to relax while keeping the baby properly positioned. It's also beneficial for mothers who don't have a supportive chair during feedings as the pillow relieves stress on their back and neck. 

Get A Good Night's Sleep While Pregnant

When you’re pregnant, getting enough sleep is essential for both your physical and mental health. 

However, sleeping in the same position for long periods of time can be uncomfortable, especially when you have an expanding belly. 

As maternity pillows reduce pressure on sensitive areas like your back, hips, and stomach, they can help improve overall sleep quality by allowing you to get comfortable quickly without having to constantly shift positions or adjust yourself throughout the night. No matter what type of sleeper you are, these helpful pillows will provide extra comfort for an expectant mother throughout her nine months of pregnancy. This leads to more uninterrupted sleep cycles which means more energy during the day! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Pregnancy & Maternity Pillows

1. Where can I buy maternity pillows for my pregnancy in Malaysia? 

You can easily find a wide selection of maternity and pregnancy pillows at any Mothercare Malaysia Experience stores or via our online shop. Still preparing for bub’s arrival? Shop for more maternity items such as nursing bras, maternity briefs, and support belts with us as well!

2. Is a C-shaped or U-shaped pregnancy pillow better?

U-shaped maternity pillows are typically larger, offering top-to-toe support. They are recommended for pregnant mamas who sleep on their side so you don’t have to always adjust your pillow back and forth. 

Alternatively, C-shaped maternity pillows are recommended for pregnant mums who often sleep on their backs. They also take up less space as they are similar to U-shaped maternity pillows but without an extra side.

Still have more queries? Contact our Digital Nursery Advisors who can guide you on the best type of maternity pillow that is appropriate for pregnant women. Alternatively, visit our Mothercare Experience Stores in Malaysia to view and try them in-person!

3. What material should my maternity pillow be?

Consider breathable materials such as cotton or bamboo, as these fabrics don’t trap body heat. You may also want to go with memory foam if you want a pregnancy pillow that moulds to the shape of your body.

Ultimately, a good quality maternity pillow will help relieve pressure on your hips and back while providing support to your neck and shoulders, which reduces aches and pains associated with being pregnant.

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