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Give Bubs A Good Night’s Sleep With Baby Sleeper Cot Beds 

Let your little one drift off safely and peacefully each night with sleeper cots. When it comes to baby’s first bed, they are the best way to get your bubba to sleep through the day and night! Designed to grow with your little one, many models can also be adjusted height-wise for more convenience as your little one gets older. Helping your child fall asleep is now easier than ever before thanks to the comfortable, safe sleep space that the cot beds provide. 

When it comes to getting a good night's sleep, your baby deserves nothing but the best! At Mothercare Malaysia, we have an extensive range of baby sleeper cot beds that give your little one– and parents–the optimal sleeping environment for healthy development. Built with quality materials and attention to detail, they come with fitted side-rails and big flat surfaces that will ensure your baby's slumber is uninterrupted and secure. Browse them all today!

Baby Sleeper Cot Beds For A Comfy & Safe Snooze

Safety should always come first when choosing any type of furniture for your little one's bedroom. Cot beds come with sturdy safety bars so your baby won't be able to roll out or fall off during their sleep. Papas and mamas can rest easy knowing that their little one is snuggled in safely while he dreams! Got an inquisitive crawler? No need to worry as well—your bub will be able to explore with confidence within the safety of the cot.

Versatile Sleeper Cot Beds For Baby 

Another great benefit of owning a sleeper cot is its versatility. While some parents may prefer a crib to place by the side of their bed for easy access to baby, others may choose a sleeper cot bed for its versatility and durability. Most cots have three mattress heights that can be adjusted as needed, making them ideal for families who want long-lasting pieces that won't need replacing anytime soon. Many models can also easily transform from a standard cot into a toddler bed once bub becomes a tot so you won't have to worry about buying additional furniture extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Sleeper Cot Beds 

1. Where to buy baby cot beds in Malaysia?

With over 450 renowned brands, quickly browse and purchase all baby essential items including baby sleeper cot beds online on Mothercare Malaysia. With 21 Mothercare stores across Malaysia, it’s also easy to drop by to view all our cot beds in-person.

2. How do I choose the correct sleeper cot bed for my baby?

When choosing your cot bed, look out for those that come with easily adjustable bases. Adjustable sleeper cots allow the furniture to grow with your child from infancy through toddlerhood without you having to purchase additional extension pieces. 

Feel free to contact our Digital Nursery Advisors who can guide you on the type of cot bed that is appropriate for bub. Alternatively, visit our Mothercare Experience Stores in Malaysia to view them in-person. 

3. How to prepare a cot bed for a newborn?

Easily create a safe and cosy little cocoon for your little bundle of joy to sleep in with these cot bed essentials:

  • Cot mattress: Look for breathable cot mattresses made of foam or latex that can keep your baby cool in the hot weather in Malaysia. 
  • Cot sheets: Keep the sleeper bed clean with cot sheets. Consider natural or organic fabrics such as bamboo which are known for their optimal softness and breathability. 
  • Swaddles and sleeping bags: These swaddles and sleeping bags keep babies snug so that your little one can sleep soundly for many restful nights. 

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