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As parents of a newborn or infant, you probably spend a lot of your time cleaning up after your little human. Whether it’s drool, spit up, or thrown up milk, the newborn months are filled with all sorts of yucky messes that result in an outfit change and lots of frustration on the part of mum and dad.

One easy way to lessen the frequency of outfit changes and give yourselves a break is to have your baby wear a newborn bib. Sometimes referred to as dribble bibs or dribblers, newborn bibs are designed to soak up any messes or spills that come with having an infant in the house. This helps keep your baby clean and comfortable in the early stages of their life, while also lessening the amount of laundry you’ll need to go through on a daily basis.

Mothercare Malaysia carries a wide range of dribble bibs and baby feeding products to make everyday feeds and mealtimes a breeze. Shop our selection of newborn bibs online today, or visit any Mothercare Malaysia store near you to check out our baby and maternity products in person.

Soft and Comfortable Bibs Designed with your Baby in MInd

Here at Mothercare Malaysia, our baby bibs are made from soft and durable materials such as cotton, polyester terry, and jersey to ensure they’re gentle on your child’s delicate skin. Some bibs even come with an absorbent towelling backing to ensure no wetness soaks through your infant’s outfit and onto their skin, which could cause irritation or rashes.

Our baby bibs come in a range of designs and styles to suit your baby’s personalities and like. Bandana-style bibs in a variety of designs ensure your little one looks stylish while staying dry and protected, complete with adjustable popper fastenings for easy putting on and taking off. Our jersey bibs also have simple touch-close fastening for easy use and removal, especially if you have a fussy baby to wrangle at the same time. Parents seeking unparalleled comfort for their infant can likewise consider our fastening-free pull-over towelling bibs instead.

As your child grows up and begins to wean, you can transition them into a toddler weaning bib instead. Weaning bibs are distinguished from newborn bibs by their pocket for catching spilled food, which makes mealtime messes a breeze to clean up.

Shop Baby Feeding Essentials and More at Mothercare Malaysia

As a leading mother and baby retailer, Mothercare makes it easy to get your baby and nursery essentials in one place. Whether it’s baby bibs, baby bath tubs, or baby bottles, we carry everything you need as part of your parenting journey. Conveniently browse and buy your baby essentials on our online store, and enjoy free shipping across West and East Malaysia for all orders above MYR400.

Unsure which baby products suit your family’s needs best? Simply drop a message to our Digital Nursing Advisors and receive complimentary advice and product recommendations tailored to meet your needs. Or browse our recommendations for the top 20 best baby care and mummy products in 2023 for some much-needed shopping inspiration. Our team of mother and baby specialists are always on-hand to make your parenting experience as stress-free as possible.


Do newborns really need bibs?

While it’s not absolutely necessary to use newborn bibs, they can make the newborn months much easier and comfortable for both you and your baby. Newborn bibs are designed differently from infant or toddler feeding bibs, and are meant to help protect your baby’s clothes from unexpected spills. This makes cleaning up drool and milk dribble so much easier, as you can simply swap out the soiled bib for a new one instead of changing your baby’s entire outfit. You can also keep a set of soft baby face cloths or reusable baby wipes on hand to help with cleaning up.

When should babies start wearing bibs?

You can begin putting bibs on your baby as early as the newborn stage, when they are one to two weeks old. Whether breastfed or bottle fed, babies can benefit from wearing a bib as it helps to keep their clothing mess-free. Some babies may also enjoy chewing on their bib while teething, as an alternative to a soother or pacifier.

Which bibs are good for babies?

Baby bibs come in a variety of materials, textures, and designs. Look out for newborn and infant bibs in soft fabrics to ensure they are soft and gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin. They should also be highly absorbent to ensure they can absorb your baby’s drool or spit up without leaving a mess.

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