Top 20 Best Baby Care & Mommy Products in 2023

When it comes to the best baby care and mommmy products, we feel it’s only beneficial for mommies and daddies to have a great selection to choose from. After all, comparing the options is important before you cart out what’s well-suited to your baby’s needs. Moreover, baby essentials today have evolved tremendously and are innovatively designed to make parenting a whole lot easier. They not only care for your baby but for you too. We won’t be surprised to hear your parents wishing they had these products when you were born!

We’ve walked through numerous products ourselves – armed with such an experience, we’ve come up with a handy guide we believe will work best for you and bub.

We’re diving deep into what you and your baby need in the first month and beyond, so your parenting journey is one with more smiles and laughter. We aspire to make it easy for you to do what you have to do – our handy guide to the top 20 baby essentials is all that you can go after!

1. Best Zipped Swaddle - Love To Dream Swaddle Up Series

best babycare and mommy product

Rock your little one to sleep in the must-have Love To Dream Swaddle Up, perfect for newborns till before they turn one. It’s made from soft breathable 0.2 TOG fabric, which is incredibly light and cool, perfect for bub on warmer days. Two-way zip makes it easy to wear and take off, but what really drew us to it is its unique patented wings that allow for the natural arms up position. Bub will sleep soundly when snuggly wrapped, with no loose layers that could otherwise kick off while they snooze. Plus, its hip-healthy design is certified for the recommended hips and legs flexion. When you add this to your new parent shopping list, you’re also supporting the First Candle charity, committed to researching and reducing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).


best babycare and mommy product

Keep your little one snuggled in sleepsuits by Mothercare. Whether you’re after a set for your newborn or your growing baby, you’ll find plenty in appropriate sizes. Made from the softest natural cotton, these sleepsuits, in our humble opinion, make it among the best baby essentials for their innovative designs. Integral scratch mitts tuck away tiny hands comfortably, while sleep-resist soles add friction on each step just as your baby begins to find their feet. Poppers are nickel-free too, so you won’t have to worry about skin sensitivity issues.


best babycare and mommy product

We understand that pumping milk can be tiring, and making sure you’re home to express can be a stressful feat. That is unless you get yourself a Tommee Tippee Breast Pump Electric Double Made For Me

Light and compact, it’s easy to carry wherever you’re headed, which means you can pump whenever and wherever you want. Its built-in rechargeable battery will last you for 90 minutes of pumping on-the-go, so you won’t have to connect to the mains while you express. Even if you run out of battery, it has a USB port you can connect to with a portable charger. On the expressing experience itself, we love how this pump is incredibly gentle on even sore tender breasts. Use any of the 5 massage settings to stimulate milk flow, then switch to one of the 9 express modes for comfortable expressing. It’s also designed with a hygienic closed system, which means every drop of expressed milk heads straight to the bottle, and not back into the air tube or the pump.

4. Best Baby Bottle - Tommee Tippee Bottle 150ml

best babycare and mommy product

Among the newborn essentials are baby bottles, but not just any. Consider those with natural-designed teats, so the baby will latch on easily; stretchable ripples for comfortable suction; and anti-colic valves for reduced air absorption. The award-winning 150ml Tommee Tippee Bottles check all the boxes! These are also designed to be closer to nature, which means you can hold them in the most natural position when you feed your little one! Free from BPA and phthalate, the bottles are 97% recommended by mothers. How could we not add this to our baby products list?

5. Best Baby Bottle Steriliser - Tommee Tippee 3-in-1 UV Steriliser

best babycare and mommy product

A reliable baby bottle steriliser such as the Tommee Tippee 3-in-1 UV Steriliser ensures you always have clean bottles for every feed. It can also dry and sterilise up to six bottles in 60 minutes, targeting every surface and killing 99.9% of harmful germs. You could also sterilise baby pacifiers, breast pump accessories, spoons, toothbrushes and small toys. But really, what we’re after is its storage function, which makes this a 3-in-1 solution. If you’re not sure where to place the baby bottles, simply leave them in this steriliser. Every 2 hours, UV light will be emitted for 5 minutes and another 5 minutes of drying will take place, ensuring the bottles remain dry and clean whenever it’s time to feed bub. It runs quietly too, so you can even leave it in the nursery while your baby sleeps. And you won’t have to worry about it taking up much space either as it comes in a compact size of 30cm by 30cm by 26cm.

6. Best Nursing Pillow - Mamas And Papas Pillow Nursing

best babycare and mommy product

Get the back support you need when pumping, or relieve pressure from the abdomen, especially after a C-Section, with the Mamas And Papas Nursing Pillow. It’s also designed for babies to lie in the right feeding position. This is important for a healthy latch, achieved by effortlessly angling their head above their tummy to help with digestion.

7. Best Baby Food Maker - Loveamme Steamer Blender Lovecook Pro 8-In-1

best babycare and mommy product

The Loveamme Steamer Blender Lovecook Pro 8-In-1 is a definite essential when it comes to preparing healthy meals for your baby. In fact, it does so much more! Steam and blend fruits, vegetables, meat and fish in all textures for your baby when they are weaning. Switch between the steamer and blender whenever you need to. Reheat your baby’s food, which you can also do so via a water bath steam. Defrost food with a temperature-controlled warmer. The same feature is also used to warm up bottles of milk to feeding temperature so all the essential nutrients are preserved. Cook, yes we mean it, cook porridge, rice or pasta once your bub is ready. And, after all the washing, you can place small feeding items back in and switch on the sterilisation mode – the chamber can accommodate a large milk bottle, so you can estimate just how many spoons, forks and even pacifiers you can fit in it.

8. Best Convertible Cot Bed - Mothercare Camberley Cot Bed

best babycare and mommy product

Flexible, safe and incredibly functional, the Mothercare Camberley Cot Bed can be adjusted to three different height positions, so you won’t have to replace it as your baby grows. Plus, it can be converted into a toddler bed simply by removing the teething rails. Even though the cot mattress is sold separately, we think it’s the perfect buy – you get to choose the type of mattress best suited for your baby while leveraging the cot’s features to your advantage.

9. Best Bedside Rocking Crib - Stokke Sleepi Bed

best babycare and mommy product

If you’re looking for a bedside rocking crib, you won’t go wrong with the Stokke Sleepi Bed. Wheel the bed by your side and lock the wheels for safety at night, or begin a rocking motion for the baby to fall asleep. Adjust it to any one of the four mattress levels, and you’ll have a customised crib for baby’s every age and stage of development till they reach five years old. What intrigues us the most is the soft oval shape of the crib that offers babies a sense of security they felt when they were in your womb. The curved make means there aren’t any sharp corners too. Couple this with sturdy beech wood frames and their non-toxic finish, and you know your baby is well-cared for when they sleep or play in it.

10. Best Compact Urban Stroller - Mimosa Tablemate Stroller

best babycare and mommy product

With the Mimosa Tablemate Stroller, you can bring the baby out for a stroll and even turn it into a high seat at a restaurant table, so both of you can have a meal together. Three seat recline angles and adjustable footrest means your baby can sleep, rest and be active while you’re out and about. We love the sleep extended canopy with a large retractable mesh window, so you can check if bub is still asleep or has woken up without having to stop in your tracks. It’ll provide them with much needed ventilation too. The stroller is perfect for newborns, too – a mesh padded backrest delivers the essential support they need. After a single-hand fold, you can pack it into your car boot or leave it standing on its own at the corner of the nursery without it taking up too much space. It takes time to consider which stroller to buy – this one makes it to the top for such versatility.

11. Best Infant Carrier and Car Seat - Joie Gemm Infant Carrier

best babycare and mommy product

Carrier meets cot in this lounge-style baby travel essential, the Joie Gemm Infant Carrier. We love that it offers multi-position angling, meaning it’ll be suitable even for your newborn. A cosy newborn pillow offers just the right snug fit for bub to snooze on or explore their surroundings from, while curved base allows for a soothing and relaxing rocking motion. The SoftTouch 5-point harness system further makes it a breeze to adjust for your growing child without much rework of the harness. Install it to your car seat with the Joie clickFIT™ base Convert it into a flat reclining seat for the car or attach it to any Joie stroller with Maxi-Cosi car seat adapters, or simply carry it around by holding its ergonomic grippy handle. We not only recommend this baby product for its flexibility, but also for its safety. The baby will feel secure whether they’re travelling in the car or stroller with the incredible side impact protection for optimal security and infant care.

12. Best Baby Carrier - Ergobaby Omni Breeze Baby Carrier

best babycare and mommy product

Babywearing is all about hugging, and the Ergobaby Omni Breeze Baby Carrier lets you experience just that. Cradle your baby in their natural C-shape spine while having them sit in the ergonomic M-shaped position for a healthy spine and hip development, as certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Safety is guaranteed in this baby carrier – sturdy crossable straps keep them secure, while SoftFlex mesh allow for maximum airflow and improved ventilation for you and bub. You’d love to hear that the carrier also supports little heads, so once your newborn achieves some neck stability, they’ll be able to snuggle up to you while you keep your hands free.

13. Best Convertible Car Seat - Chicco Nextfit Zip Baby Car Seat

best babycare and mommy product

Designed for newborns till they turn seven years of age, the Chicco Nextfit Zip Baby Car Seat, as you guessed, is incredibly versatile. Adjust it to any one of its nine recline angles depending on your child’s needs and age, and lock it safely onto your car seat with secure belt systems and tighteners. It’s also designed with energy-absorbing foam to protect the baby's head and torso in unexpected situations. It’s truly a must-have baby product for when your child is ready to travel out with you.

14. Best Baby Pillow - Clevamama ClevaFoam® Infant Pillow

best babycare and mommy product

Ensure babies get that much-needed comfort when they snooze with the Clevamama ClevaFoam® Infant Pillow. Supportive and breathable, this pillow is designed truly to care for your baby while you’re away. A low profile design provides ideal head and neck alignment when they lie on their back, so they receive the right amount of support for a comfortable and safe sleep. Parents looking for toxic-free newborn products will love this one – it’s hypoallergenic and pH balanced as well, so if your baby has allergies or experiences asthmatic conditions, you can trust that this infant pillow won’t do more harm. The pillow’s material reduces heat retention, too, meaning there are no worries about overheating either!

15. Best Convertible High Chair - Stokke Tripp Trapp® Chair Classic Collection

best babycare and mommy product

The Stokke Tripp Trapp® Chair is the best convertible high chair if you’re looking for one that’ll grow with your child. Adjustable seat and foot plates mean your child can sit at their drawing desk and also join you at the dining table so they can develop alongside you. It’s also suitable for newborns too – simply attach the Tripp Trapp® cushion (sold separately), and it’s easy to see why this product is among our most sold items.

16. Best Stretch Mark cream - Mustela Stretch Mark Cream 3-in-1 Fragrance 150ml

best babycare and mommy product

Stretch marks don’t have to last when you apply the Mustela Stretch Mark Cream 3-in-1 Fragrance 150ml.

Since it is hypoallergenic, you can throw concerns about allergies out of the window. Plus, it’s free of harmful chemicals and fragrances, making it very safe to use during pregnancy and after you give birth. The best part is, it’s rich and nourishing, yet absorbs quickly, so it does not leave any wet residue or stickiness. Start from the first month of pregnancy till postpartum, twice a day – apply on your abdomen, hips, thighs and breasts to limit the appearance of stretch marks and watch your skin restore its barrier and stay moisturised.

17. Best Playpen - Joie Commuter Changer & Snooze

best babycare and mommy product

Play is significant to your baby’s development – get them started with a playpen in the nursery. But why not get one that you can wheel around the house and even travel with it? The Joie Commuter Changer & Snooze triple up as a cradle, play space and changing unit. Plus, it folds easily and is light enough to be carried, even onto your next flight.

18. Best Toddler Rocker - Mamas And Papas Rocking Animal

best babycare and mommy product

Once a baby reaches nine months of age, we recommend surprising them with the Mamas And Papas Rocking Animal. Choose between the cute elephant, smart horsey, inquisitive caterpillar or the charming pony. But really, what we’re going after is how beneficial any rocker is to a child’s development in terms of achieving greater balance. Yet, this one stands out more. Hidden squeakers, crinkles and rattles help stimulate your child’s hearing. Prints and colours facilitate colour and shape identification, while padded fabrics and fur let babies feel and experience various textures.

19. Best Feeding Set - Snapkis Training Set Feedme

best babycare and mommy product

When bub is ready to explore the culinary world on their own, get them started with the Snapkis Training Set Feedme. Free from BPA and made from food-grade materials, this set encourages constructive healthy eating habits such as using the spoon and drinking appropriately from a cup, as well as hand-eye coordination to support development of fine motor skills. We love how the set comes with a book comprising 3 stories on what a balanced diet is all about. It’s such a multipurpose set – bub gets to eat on their own, you bond with them while you recite stories when they eat, and they’ll pick up some good eating habits from the tips the stories offer.

20. Best Nappy Disposal Bin - Tommee Tippee Sangenic Bin Twist & Click

best babycare and mommy product

The Tommee Tippee Sangenic Bin Twist & Click lets you change nappies in peace by offering 99% anti-bacterial protection from odours and germs. It individually twists, wraps and seals each nappy in seconds, and holds up to 30 nappies each time. That means fewer trips to the main bin and more time to do things that matter, such as cuddling with a baby.

Time to make that trip to the store? You won’t go wrong when you shop for all the baby and mommy products you need on Mothercare. Shop online, or visit our locations across Malaysia and experience the essentials first-hand!

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