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Mothercare Baby Essential Guide for First-time Parents

A mother is admiring her prenatal ultrasound photo

For any first-time parent, whether you’re a mum or dad, carrying your little one in your arms can be a surreal experience. The next thought running in your mind would be to ensure you’ve got all you need to keep your bundle of joy comfortable.

We always want the best for our babies, and at Mothercare Malaysia, we understand this too well! Putting your needs at the heart of what we do, we’ve summed up all the essentials that will help you prepare for and welcome your new little family member. For a start, here are the must-haves for any newborn and their hardworking mothers (and fathers, of course)!

Top 9 Must-Haves for Newborns and New Mummies

Mother adjusts the baby carrier for her newborn

What’s best for your baby when it comes to bath time? Do you have the accessories to set up a nursery that captivates your newborn? For lactating mothers, how can we make feeding easier and more comfortable for both you and your little one? 

We’d love you to enjoy a memorable parenting experience and one of the best ways is to gain access to a one-stop resource for all the baby essentials you need. This handy checklist will help you through.

  1. Maternity essentials and care
  2. Breastfeeding and nursing supplies such as breast pumps or maternity & breast pads
  3. Baby care and bath time
  4. Nursery and bedroom furniture
  5. Baby travel and going out essentials, including strollers, and car seats & carriers
  6. Newborn clothing for baby girls and baby boys
  7. Feeding and weaning
  8. Home safety equipment
  9. Baby and toddler toys such as cot mobiles and play mats


Each of these items has a different role to play in your postpartum or new parent journey, whether it’s to make the new mama comfortable once she arrives home or ensure your baby receives adequate nourishment for a happy and healthy development.   

Here are some of our product recommendations to help you make the right choice for you and your baby.

1. Maternity care and essentials 

A toddler is hugging his pregnant mother

Your health before and after your baby arrives is one aspect to give some attention to. We understand that pregnancy is tough for everyone in their own unique way, and in the midst of preparing for your baby, it’s important to ensure that you feel supported, confident, and comfortable too.

2. Breastfeeding and nursing essentials 

Mother is breastfeeding her baby

Whether you’re planning to breastfeed, formula feed, or combination feed, these accessories can be a great help through your nursing journey. You’ll also be able to avoid aching breasts or serious issues such as mastitis.

Here’s a peek of what we think will work great for you!

3. Baby care and bath time

Baby bath tubs and soft baby towel -Image and alt text amended to Katie’s image

Tears, throw up, toilet emergencies, and non-stop drool – caring for a newborn is tireless but ultimately rewarding. Stay prepared for all types of spills and messes, and you’ll give yourself a good pat on your back for being that powerful parent!

4. Nursery and bedroom furniture

Nursery and bedroom furniture for baby girl

For most parents-to-be, the nursery is probably the first room in your house that you’ll be transforming into a dedicated space for your baby! This is the room where your little one will grow, sleep, feed, and play in throughout the years. Have your little one soundly asleep next to you in spacious cribs, which you can easily pack and bring along during your travels. 

Consider too our functional cots and cotbeds that will support your child through dreamy nights till they turn four!

5. Baby travel and going out essentials 

Mother buckles up the baby’s car seat

We know you can’t wait to bring your baby out to explore the world together. Baby gear is necessary so you can safely travel around with your little one - whether that’s just a simple stroll around the nearby park, or your first overseas trip as a family of three (or more)!

At the same time, it can be a challenge to pick out a suitable stroller! Not to worry, we’ve got some recommendations to help you find the perfect lightweight, stable, and robust urban stroller :

  • The Mimosa Cabin City+ Stroller (Extended Canopy) - Rose Gold is popular amongst parents for its 360-turn front wheels and unique one-hand fold capabilities. Yup, you can use just one hand to fold it up into a backpack while carrying your baby or diaper bag in the other hand!
  • For an even more compact option, the Fairworld Smart 360 Magic Stroller weighs only 5.41kg and has a unique high, unobstructed view. Perfect for when your curious child’s a little older and wants to look at everything around them.

Another essential for parents in Malaysia is a reliable car seat. To get the most value out of your car seat, look out for models that can grow along with your child:

  • The Joie Combination Every Stage FX Isofix is a group 0+/1/2/3 car seat that is suitable from birth up to 36kg/12 years old, and can easily convert from rearward to forward facing when your child is ready – saving you the time, money, and hassle of buying a new one!
  • Snapkis’ Transformers 0-12 Car Seat also has both rear and forward facing positions, and has a side-impact protection system to ensure your precious one is protected at all times.

6. Newborn and baby clothing

Cute clothing for baby girl

It’s easy to fall in love with an adorable outfit you’d want to see your baby in but it’s important that your newborn feels comfortable in whatever they’re clad in. What type of fabric is safe for your baby’s skin? Which materials are more breathable? What kind of clothing can you buy for your little one? As a rule of thumb, baby clothes are best if they are soft on the skin and easy to clean.Here are some necessities you can prepare before your baby arrives:

  • Swaddles: Wrap your little one in a soft muslin swaddle that comes with secure hooks and loop closure, so your baby stays safely and comfortably snugged. 
  • Bodysuits and sleepsuits: Having a baby in a one-piece bodysuit or sleepsuit makes clothing changes and cleanups so much easier! Select those that fasten at the front so you can easily put them on your baby when they are lying down. Choosing options  with zips also makes dressing more convenient. 
  • Tops, bottoms, and dresses: When picking out casual or dressy outfits for your little one, the softness and comfort of the clothing should be a top priority. Materials such as breathable cotton, denim, or bamboo cotton help keep your baby comfortable throughout the day. Considering functional neck designs of your baby’s outfits can also go a long way. Dresses and tops with envelope necks make it much easier to get over your baby’s head, so you avoid any discomfort when you dress them up.

7. Feeding and weaning

Mother and father are feeding their baby

From simple milk to purees to solids, we know you want the best to help your baby along their feeding journey. Here are some baby feeding essentials that will help you create a soothing feeding experience for your little one. 

  • Bibs: Pigeon Disposable Bibs are a great way to keep babies clean during mealtimes. They’re made from ultra absorbent quilted material with a waterproof backing to protect against most foods and drinks, and even have a crumb holder. For the picky little one, the Snapkis Oh-So-Soft Silicone Bib might be a better option. It will stay still and easily catches any food dropped from your baby’s mouth. Roll it up and pack into your bag before you head out with your baby!
  • High chairs: When you think your baby is ready to join you at the dining table for meals, you’ll want to make sure they are securely fastened into an appropriate high chair. The Stokke Clikk High Chair Complete Set with Tray can fit children from 6 months up to 3 years and can be configured in 3 different ways so your child is comfortable throughout the meal. Perfect for baby-led weaning!

8. Home safety equipment

 Humidifiers to keep baby comfortable when sleeping

Babyproofing your home before your newborn arrives can help soothe any anxieties you may have with regards to safety when they make your humble abode their new home. At the same time, you can also feel more prepared for the massive life change coming your way.

Here are some recommendations on the various baby proofing essentials you can add to your shopping cart:

  • Baby monitors: We know you’ll want to keep an eye on your baby all the time, even when you’re busy with work or chores. Put your mind at ease with the Motorola MBP855CONNECT Video Baby Monitor, which has remote HD video streaming and two-way communication so you can soothe your baby without being in the room.
  • Thermometers: When your little one is down with a fever, it’s extremely important to monitor their temperature as closely and accurately as possible to avoid febrile seizures. The Tommee Tippee 2 in 1 Thermometer can be positioned under the tongue or armpit so your baby doesn’t feel too uncomfortable. Plus, it’s small and lightweight so you can bring it outdoors or on trips.
  • Humidifiers: The Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier – Train is one of the many humidifiers which can keep your baby comfortable even on hot and sweaty days, and can also relieve cough, cold, and flu symptoms when they fall ill. 

9. Toys

No shopping trip for your newborn is complete without toys, whether they are the minimalist Montessori-inspired wooden blocks, play-pretend kits or play mats. When you have a collection of internationally-acclaimed brands to shop for, you’ll never be out of playtime ideas for your baby. Our favourites are:

Have your little one cuddled up in our Mothercare Little And Loved Sit Me Up Cosy Playmat or keep them entertained in the Playgro Woodlands Music And Lights Projector Gym.  Build your baby’s strength with toys that work on their motor skills, such as the Early Learning Centre Jungle Wonder Cubes, the LeapFrog Poppin' Play Piano, or the Jellycat Bashful Bunny Star Musical Pull.

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As a leading all-in-one mother and baby retail outlet, we’ve got all that you need to make your parenting journey easier! Browse more baby brands from the comfort of your home online, or visit your nearest Mothercare store to experience our products  in action.

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