Top 100 Most Popular Baby Names in Malaysia (2023 Update)


Choosing a name for your new baby girl or boy is an exciting task that can bring you, your partner, and your families together. Whether it’s after someone special or a memorable event closely related to the birth of your baby, the name you decide upon will hold a significant place in your heart. 

At Mothercare Malaysia, we understand your enthusiasm for the baby naming process, so we thought preparing this purposeful guide could help you with it! 

For something this important, it’s good to sit down and ponder over these factors that will help you decide on the best name for your little one.

1. Meaning of your baby boy or girl name

Though the meaning of a name has no bearing on how the child develops, a negative meaning can hang over a child later in life. Similarly, a positive meaning can inspire your child to live up to their namesake. This extends to names of famous characters from history and mythology. You may like the name Hamlet, but you may not want to saddle your child with the baggage of Shakespeare’s iconic protagonist. 

Just as you would research the best pushchairs or which footwear to buy for your baby, spend some time learning more about the name and its roots. This could be any story or historical event the name is associated with. This way, you and your child avoid being unpleasantly surprised later on. 

2. Pronunciation & spelling

For many new parents, choosing a unique name is a creative way to capture their child’s individuality. However, getting too creative with pronunciation and spelling can cause inconveniences later in life, whether they are misspelt names in official documents to rectify or the continued inability of teachers to get their names right. 

However, we love exploring unique names for your baby girl and boy as much as you do – if your child deserves one that makes them stand out, go for it. We believe as parents, you’ll think smartly out of the box when it comes to your little one.

3.  Family history 

Naming is a great opportunity to learn more about your family tree. Why not dig into your roots by talking to your extended family to draw inspiration for meaningful names? This is a fun way to explore your and your partner’s families and learn about your personal histories. Who knows what you may discover through stories, letters and archives that will teach you much more about parenting!

Top 100 baby names for your inspiration

When there are so many names to choose from, we understand it can feel a little daunting to decide on one. But the process is best experienced when it is made exciting – with some help from the team at Mothercare! 

To help you find the perfect baby name for your bundle of joy, we’ve put together the top 100 baby girl and boy names in Malaysia. From unique to cute and everything in between, each name below has a summarised meaning that you can use to make an informed decision about what to name your child. 

50 unique and cute baby girl names

Baby girl wearing knitwear on pink fleece pad

1. Aafiyat

This charming name would serve as a good omen for baby girls born in 2023. It means health or freedom from illness. 

2. Aarifa

Aarifa is the perfect name for a baby girl with smarts. Meaning ‘one endowed with great knowledge’. You can use this name to encourage your daughter to study hard and act wisely. 

3. Aayizah

A popular name in Malaysia, this curious name means ‘replacement’, given in place of something lost. If you decide to name your daughter Aayizah, it’ll be meaningful to share with them what it truly means to you when they are older.

4. Aeni

This name rolls off the tongue and has a strong meaning behind it. ‘Original’, ‘pure’ and ‘true’ would all be admirable traits to call your daughter. 

5. Arwaa

Arwaa sounds like the name of a princess and means ‘softness’ or ‘lightness’ – the lovely one!

6. Arya

A lovely baby girl name that means ‘nobility’ in Sanskrit.

7. Ava

A reflection of a lively, birdlike personality, Ava will suit any baby girl who brings joy and laughter. 

8. Brea

Brea, this baby girl, is gifted with a big and clear vision for her future.

9. Cahaya

Like Arwaa, Cahaya also means ‘lightness’ but can also mean radiance. 

10. Charlotte

A royal name perfect for any baby girl, Charlotte is the feminine form of ‘Charles’ and means to be free.

11. Chyou

A cute baby girl name that means ‘autumn’ in Chinese. 

12. Dhia

Is your daughter your jewel? Consider Dhia for its meaningful significance to all things that glow. 

13. Dinihari

Meaning ‘dawn’, Dinihari is an enchanting baby girl name.

14. Fen

This cute baby girl name means ‘scent.’ Give them a middle or first flower name to create a beautiful scenery out of their title. 

15. Ihkam

With a meaning of ‘excellence’ or ‘mastery’, your daughter is sure to succeed in all her ambitions.

16. Illiana

‘Bright and shine’ is a charming meaning to name your baby girl after.

17. Indeela

A lovely poetic name, ‘like a nightingale’, that can capture your child’s spirit. 

18. Iris

Meaning rainbow, your baby girl Iris will spread the joy of colours in your life.

19. Izzati

Respect, honour, prestige. It sounds like a cute girl name, but it sure has some powerful meaning behind it. 

20. Joyah

Malay form of Zoya, meaning ‘life’, this name connects with local culture. 

21. Kamala

Originated from Hindi, meaning ‘lotus or a garden’. This beautiful name surely suits your baby girl.

22. Kasih

Meaning ‘love’, this classic name is perfect for all baby girls. 


Meaning light and clear, a lovely name that exudes pureness for your little girl.

24. Lara

Name your baby girl Lara, a symbol of protection.

25. Lavanya

Lavanya is a unique girl name which means beauty or grace, popular and well-loved in Indian culture.

26. Liling

This nature-inspired name describes the sound of white jasmine. 

27. Luna

Have your baby girl glow like moonlight with a name like Luna, which means ‘moon’ in Latin.

28. Mahsuri

‘The great queen.’ With a meaning like this, your child is destined for greatness. 

29. Mei

A popular Chinese name for a baby girl, meaning ‘gorgeous’ or ‘plum.’

30. Melinda 

Meaning grateful and gentle, Melinda is the perfect baby girl name for the calm child.

31. Mikayla

Have your baby girl revel in power and strength with a name like Mikayla.

32. Nakshatra

This Indian baby girl name means star or constellation, fitting for any child who is the sparkle of the family.

33. Nazra

Inspire your baby girl to joy with this name which describes the glow and happiness on one’s face.

34. Olivia

Rooted in the Latin word for the olive tree, Olivia means ‘ancestor’s descendant’.

35. Phoebe

Bright and shining, a baby girl named Phoebe is truly the light of your life.

36. Rae

A well-advised protector, a baby girl, named Rae, exudes charm and intelligence. 

37. Raqeema

One who is intelligent and perceptive, perfect for the smart girl.

38. Rowena

A delightfully simple meaning, ‘happiness’ promises good omens and resilience.

39. Rubiah

A fitting name for the baby girl who is born to be righteous and free-spirited. 

40. Samaira

A unique girl name that means ‘enchanting.’ 

41. Samyan

Singular, unique, incomparable - just like your child.

42. Scarlett

Meaning red, this mighty name exudes sophistication and charm.

43. Sidratul

This woodsy name means ‘cedar of the farthest point’.

44. Suleika 

A variant of Zuleika. It was the name of the wife of the Egyptian King. A royal name for your baby girl, indeed.

45. Thea

A divine symbol of love, Thea is a welcoming name for any baby girl.

46. Uswah

Is your little girl the light of your life? Call her Uswah, meaning ‘brightness’ or ‘ray’.

47. Willow

After the willow tree, this baby girl's name symbolises freedom, grace and elegance.

48. Zaina

Beautiful and radiant, choose Zaina to name your charming baby girl.

49. Zamira

If you expect your baby girl to be sporty, this name, lean and fit, may be perfect. 

50. Zelda

A powerful name, meaning ‘strong’ to bestow upon your baby girl. 

50 unique and cute baby boy names

Cute baby boy holding a spoon

1. Aidan

Meaning “little fire”, Aidan is fitting for a baby boy who’s set to be victorious.

2. Alastair

A powerful name, Alastair, means the defender of the people. 

3. Aqsad

‘Achiever’ or ‘goal-setter’ is a fitting name for your baby boy with his eyes on victory.

4. Arhaa

Calm and serene, a cute and loveable name for your baby boy.

5. Asher

Meaning ‘happy’ and ‘blessed’, naming your baby boy Asher can truly signify what he means to you.

6. Aswab

Give your son a boost of encouragement and call him Aswab, which means ‘one who is best’.

7. Atheer 

A poetic meaning, Atheer describes both the light reflected from a sword’s blade and a person who is well known for good character. 

8. Bingwen

This name means bright and cultivated, a popular name in Chinese culture. 

9. Emilio

’With the meaning of ‘excellence’, your baby boy is sure to be skilful and successful.

10. Faiyaz

Encourage your child to become a good person with this name, which describes someone who does good deeds and is virtuous.

11. Feng

This name has many different meanings, with variations depicted by the Chinese character. It can allude to maple, summit and phoenix, among many others.

12. Ghengis

Meaning ‘just’ or ‘righteous,’ consider the historical weight of this name as the title of the infamous Ghengis Khan. 

13. Haissam

This Malay name means ‘sharp sword’, a powerful choice to represent your son’s strength.

14. Haruun

Your little boy is sure to love this name, which means ‘warrior lion’. 

15. Henry

The ruler of the household, Henry, signifies manliness and holds empowering leadership qualities.

16. Hernan

Gentle and free-spirited, it is a good inspiration for your baby boy.

17. Hugo

Referring to the ‘bright mind’, a baby boy named Hugo carries an attractive intellect.

18. Ishir

A strong and popular boy name means ‘powerful’ or ‘fire.’ 

19. Izz

This baby boy name symbolises money, power, and glory. 

20. Jayden

Name your baby boy Jayden, a beautiful name meaning ‘the thankful one’

21. Jebat

An elegant baby boy name that means ‘musk.’

22. Jenvin

Like Nathan, Jenvin is an alternative name to represent such a divine gift in the form of a baby boy. 

23. Keiran

The dark Prince, Keiran, is fitting for a little one who shines with bravery and loyalty.

24. Khajeer

Names meaning beauty and elegance aren’t just for girls; Khajeer is an excellent example. 

25. Liam

Ignite the warrior in your baby boy with a protective name like Liam.

26. Luca

The ‘bringer of light’, a baby boy named Luca, will illuminate your world.

27. Megat

A Malay word, meaning ‘great’, is a lavish name for your baby boy.

28. Mizn

This name means ‘white cloud’ or ‘rain bearing cloud’. Muzn is a variation of this name. 

29. Nathan

Like Thea, Nathan means a divine gift, a fitting name for any baby boy.

30. Noah

Bestow upon your son the peace he deserves by naming him Noah.

31. Park

Name your son after the Park Cypress tree.

32. Qasim

Qasim is the one who gives, the perfect name for the generous baby boy.

33. Quinn

Name your baby boy Quinn, the wise and intelligent. 

34. Rafael

Charming, romantic and suave, a baby boy named Rafael is sure to turn heads.

35. Rhys

Synonymous with passion and enthusiasm, Rhys is a powerful name to bestow upon your baby boy.

36. Roman

Strong and powerful, the boy named Roman remains your true protector.

37. Suveer

Suveer is thought to mean ‘heroic’ or ‘courageous.’ 

38. Tarun

Meaning ‘young and affectionate’, such a lovely name for your baby boy. 

39. Thaddeus

Thaddeus means a ‘courageous heart’, a name that suits every baby boy.

40. Thomas

Fame and fortune follow the boy named Thomas.

41. Tobias

A baby boy named Tobias reminds us that the universe is an amazing existence, for such a lovely child arrived.

42. Trevor 

A popular boy name means ‘ambitious’. There is no doubt that this baby boy will be successful in life. 

43. Umar

Name your child Umar, which means ‘prospering’ or ‘striving’.

44. Wasfi

Meaning one who is worthy of praise or worth speaking about. 

45. Xander

Ignite the warrior in your baby boy named Xander, meaning the protector of men.

46. Yahya

Righteous and honourable, name your baby boy Yahya and gleam with pride. 

47. Yanlin

This unisex name means ‘Swallow forest’ or ‘Beijing forest’, a lovely sentiment if you and your partner have fond memories of this place. 

48. Zaid

Zaid, meaning the master of his own fate remembrance, reminds your baby boy that he is always strong and independent. 

49. Zain

Of Arabic origin, this baby boy name symbolises beauty and grace.

50. Zubin

One who is blessed with glory and brings light to your life. 

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