Top 10 Must-Have Baby Products for Celebrating Chinese New Year with Your Child

With Chinese New Year right around the corner, preparations are in full swing for one of the busiest periods of the year. This annual event offers a golden opportunity to meet new family members, strengthen existing bonds, and embrace a fresh start. But amidst this bustling atmosphere, parents are busy acquiring new clothes for the young and old, packing for travel, and engaging in thorough spring cleaning. 

Feeling overwhelmed? We all could use a little help getting organised. mothercare has curated a list of comfortable and practical options for you and your little ones to endure long hours of travel, visitation, and hosting during Chinese New Year. Check out our top picks here below!

Floral Tiered Dress by mothercare

New year, new garb! Decked out in vibrant spring tones, this fuss-free outfit is printed with splashes of delicate and dainty flowers that capture the enthusiasm of Chinese New Year. Criss-cross straps overlap the back of this sleeveless dress, giving it additional detail and making it an excellent pick for warmer temperatures. Made 100% cotton, welcome the festivities with fashion that combines flair and comfort.

Pink Short-Sleeved Shirt by mothercare

If you find bold red a bit too flashy, pink is one option to consider. Seen as a shade of red, and synonymous with happiness and good fortune, our soft pink short-sleeved shirt is the perfect choice to accompany you and your boy through this special occasion. It is made with cotton and designed with a button-down collar for a smart casual ensemble. What’s more, a sleek chest pocket adds an accent to its minimalistic air – and is quite the place for a cute handkerchief! 

Tripp Trapp Chair Classic Collection by Stokke

Once your toddlers start transitioning to solids, there’s nothing more important than having them join the rest of the family at the dinner table. Beyond providing a designated spot for your child to enjoy meals, assigning a seat can foster early communication, promote positive role modelling, and contribute to the development of postural control. Introduce the latest addition to your family during reunion dinners with Tripp Trapp – a versatile beech and oak wood high chair engineered to adapt as your child grows – and a comfortable space for eating, playing, and learning. 

I-Spin 360 Car Seat by Joie

Many of us will be spending some time on the road before we finally get to our respective hometowns, and frankly, who likes the hassle and discomfort of long journeys? This car seat by Joie may not make the trip any faster, but it may make it easier on your little one. With up to six recline positions (front- and rear-facing!), an adjustable headrest, and built-in ventilation, it ensures your tot stays as bright and cheerful as at the trip's start. And dare we say that it’s because of a good and restful nap? 

When it's time to go, the one-hand 360° seat rotation ensures an easy exit as well. No more struggling to sift through bags of groceries or dealing with straps strewn all over the place. Phew!

Easigrip Cutlery Set by Tommee Tippee

Make mealtimes with family and friends fun and easy with the Easigrip Cutlery Set. Designed to withstand extensive biting, chewing, dropping, and throwing, this fork and spoon pairing from Tommee Tippee is not only safe and durable but also equipped with antimicrobial properties to reduce microbes by up to 99.9%*. Transitioning to utensils becomes a breeze as your child explores the world of self-feeding with this reliable and accommodating sidekick. With rounded edges, it’s also gentle on your baby’s delicate gums and great for spoonfeeding and initial weaning efforts. 

Navy Mock Brace All In One by Mamas & Papas

While monochromatic colourways might not be the conventional choice for Chinese New Year, exceptions can certainly be made for this endearingly sophisticated one-piece. Strapped with mock suspenders and finished with a detachable bow tie, a snug suit like this keeps babies warm, safe, and dressed to impress. Soft jersey cotton allows for plenty of movement and poppers make changing an easy affair for busy parents.

M Compact Stroller by mothercare

Discover the indispensable baby travel companion you never knew you needed with mothercare’s sleek and lightweight stroller. Centering on flexibility and versatility, parents have a range of compelling features to work with: padded shoulder straps, a lofty hood with a mesh window, and even an extendable storage basket for all of your belongings and groceries to boot. All on top of the adjustable safety and ergonomic components! Whether you’re making quick and regular visitation pit stops, or unwinding with loved ones outdoors, this stroller ensures a seamless and comfortable journey for both you and your child. A quick-folding mechanism provides absolute freedom to fold and unfold effortlessly, and the package also includes a free bouncer to make the deal all the more enticing.

Sippee Cup by Tommee Tippee

We can always trust Tommee Tippee to deliver when it comes to baby-friendly bottles, and this easy-drink and spill-proof 190ml sippy cup does not disappoint. Crafted with BACSHIELD™, an innovative proprietary material developed by Tommee Tippee, the drinking spout of this bottle stays germ-free to keep your child safe, hydrated and healthy. Plus, it comes with a unique technology that guarantees no leaks – ensuring that the bottle and its contents survive knocking about in your mum bag. Ideal for long-haul travels, the Tommee Tippee Sippee Cup is built to endure drops, throws, and bites, assuring parents that it’s the ultimate drinking companion to minimise mess, spills, and the need for constant assistance.

2-Pack Busy Garden Bodysuits by mothercare

Dressing up your kids, especially for special occasions like Chinese New Year, can be an extremely delightful activity, but can be time-consuming for busy working parents juggling multiple responsibilities. Make things easier with this convenient bodysuit two-pack that’ll cut down on the time and effort spent on handpicking several outfits. With this bundle, you effectively simplify your daughter’s wardrobe choices for the main two days; and for those with twins, doesn’t this make for a perfectly coordinated ensemble? 

Forma Backpack Diaper Bag by Skip Hop

Contrary to popular belief, diaper bags don’t have to only be about function. Skip Hop’s Forma Backpack Diaper Bag is designed with a rounded square silhouette and embossed with geometric patterns so that lugging around baby necessities doesn't put a dampener on your festive attire. Multiple compartments let parents keep essentials within easy reach, and its changing pad pocket can double as a slot for the work-oriented to slide in their laptop, tablet, or both. Meanwhile, cushioned straps distribute potential strain on shoulders from extended carrying, and insulated side pockets keep bottles and their contents fresh and warm.

Bonus: Kitten Zipped All In One Sleepsuit by mothercare

A comfortable sleep suit is a cosy sleep environment on-the-go. This one-piece number covers your newborn from head to toe, providing comprehensive warmth with its soft, stretchy and breathable knitted cotton. Sit back and relax as your little one dozes off to the soothing chatter and familiar voices of close family. And for those inevitable moments when they require a diaper change, zip guards prevent skin from getting pinched, and a thoughtful design protects toes from potential entanglement or injury by loose threads.

Shop at mothercare for Quality Baby Essentials

Preparing for festivities can be a significant undertaking, especially for young or first-time parents. That is why at mothercare, we do our best to alleviate the burden and streamline the duties of mums and dads wherever we can. 

With over 21 physical stores in Malaysia and an expansive online store, mothercare has been supplying parents with premium baby products since 1987. Besides being among the world’s top baby retailers, we are also proud to present Digital Nursing Advisors to further assist parents with professional advice throughout their parenting journey. 

Embrace a prepared and stress-free Chinese New Year and ensure a joyful celebration with you and your family with us mothercare!

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