7 Things To Consider When Buying A Stroller For Babies & Kids

Adorable baby sleeping in stroller

In a dream world, we’d be holding our beautiful little bub close to our hearts the entire time, wherever we went. But unfortunately, in reality, arms get quite tired after a while, and we need a bit of a break now and then. 

And while a carrier is a great way to stay close to them when they’re little and free up your arms, it’s not a forever solution. That is especially as they start to grow and increase in weight. 

Thankfully, with the wide variety of strollers we have available in Malaysia, it makes travelling with your child incredibly easy. Whether you’re taking them out and about for grocery shopping or roaming the streets overseas, you’ll find the right stroller for kids that can accommodate your needs. 

But before you go ahead and buy a baby stroller, we’ve put together seven key considerations to think about first. These will hopefully help you make a more informed decision and ensure you’re getting the perfect pushchair for bub.

1. What are the different types of strollers?

A baby girl in a mimosa stroller - to replace with a stroller that we carry in mothercare i.e. mimosa, joie, bugaboo, babyzen etc

Shopping for strollers can be confusing due to the many types they fall under. We understand how this can make it challenging to decide which is most suitable for you and bub. We make it easy for you by narrowing the types into four simple categories:

Fully-loaded strollers

If you’re after a stroller that has all the features you can think of in a stroller, then a fully-loaded one will be the best choice. These strollers typically come with generous storage and adjustable/reclining features that allow you to cater to your growing baby. You’ll also find it easy to transfer your infant car seat to the stroller with easy clicks and clasps – the Joie Signature Aeria Stroller not only pairs well with Joie infant carriers but also with any model designed with the Maxi-Cosi style attachment. 

Lightweight strollers

For ease of manoeuvrability, lightweight strollers are your go-to. These pushchairs are typically designed to be light and easily foldable without compromising on the key features that fully-loaded options come with, such as storage, sun canopy and recline flexibility. The perfect example? That’ll be the Silver Cross Wing V2, a cabin-size stroller that will take you and bub from home to the mall to the aeroplane effortlessly. An alternative would be the BABYZEN YOYO² stroller – on top of its lightweight frame. This pushchair comes with a new independent four-wheel suspension that offers unrivalled resilience and shock absorption. It is a first-of-a-kind technology made with a Hytrel elastomer.

Urban strollers

While similar to lightweight varieties, the urban stroller comes with additional features any modern parent will love. These include its adaptability to cater to your child till they reach five years old, strategically designed storage space for accessibility and one-step brake mechanisms for greater control and convenience.  Consider the Mimosa Tablemate Stroller for a start. Its high seat unit means you can have bub join you for tea or coffee at any coffee shop or cafe without the need to request for a high chair. It is also easily foldable in two simple steps, which you can leave standing, so travelling on the bus or train is a breeze.

Twin strollers

For your bubbly duo, the twin stroller is an easy pick. We’d recommend twin strollers that fall under the lightweight and urban categories, so you’ll gain access to features such as multi-position reclining, convenient fold and carry, extra large storage basket and suitability till toddler-age. The Joie Signature Tourist Stroller has them all, from its one-hand fold and automatic lock to individually adjustable seats to suit the needs and preferences of each child. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your child will stay comfortable while assured that you have a supportive stroller who’ll double up as a “parent” when you need it most.

2. What will you be using it for?

Toddler sitting in a grey stroller

You might get a recommendation from a friend or family member about the type of pushchair to buy. But at the end of the day, because everyone’s going to be using it differently, what’s recommended to you might not work how you need it to. 

For example, if you are a frequent traveller or need to run errands quite often, you’d want an urban stroller that you can easily fold and store in your car boot or the aeroplane’s luggage compartment. In that case, the Bugaboo Butterfly stroller is the perfect option. This durable Bugaboo stroller offers an ultra-compact fold, which you can do within a second without the need to adjust anything. Plus, there’s also a spacious and accessible under-seat basket that can store all necessities when you’re moving about with your little one strapped in. And if you’re wondering whether the Bugaboo stroller will be worth it for your little one who’s growing incredibly fast, rest assured it is. It comes with a large and adjustable seat, which means it’ll support your baby for a few years. 

Or, if you’re after one that’s fully adjustable and can last you from newborn up to five years, the Mimosa Dreamliner Stroller Jet Set might be what you’re after. Its seat can be reclined to 98, 145 and 175 degrees, which means it’ll cater to newborns and toddlers alike, and will support your child’s weight till 22kg. This Mimosa stroller is also designed to offer UPF40+ protection from the sun with its pop-out sun shield, which comes with a hidden extendable ventilation panel for breathability.

Since there are strollers that provide a wide variety of uses, it’s helpful to determine what you really need for it to do before you make your decision.

3. Is it suitable for a newborn?

Baby wearing boots in a black stroller

Parents typically prefer ergonomic infant carriers when moving about with their newborns. This allows them to carry the little one on the go and secure them to the car seat. What’s even better? These carriers can be attached to compatible strollers, so there’s even more flexibility when moving about. 

A wonderful option to start with is the Joie Gemm Infant Carrier, designed with a curved base, so you can rock your little one to sleep. The cushioned seat provides a snug fit for newborns and comes with a retractable sun canopy that’ll offer extra protection. The latter is also removable if your little one needs extra fresh air. Not only can this carrier fit into a vehicle with the Joie clickFIT™ base or with the vehicle's 3-point seat belt, but it can also attach to compatible Joie strollers – such as the Joie Pact Travel System – for greater mobility. If you’re looking for another attachable option which you can convert into a flat reclining seat, go for the Joie Signature i-Level With Base, that’ll also offer greater security for your baby.

4. Where are you going to be using it?

A woman pushing a stroller

If it’s just for leisurely walks around the neighbourhood and trips to the supermarket, you aren’t going to need anything too fancy. Comfortable, strong and light, sure – but nothing too over the top. 

But if you think you’ll be taking it with you on holidays and trips overseas, you’ll need to think about looking for something that can fold down nice and small. And there are quite a few baby strollers Malaysian, and other airline companies can easily accommodate in their overhead compartments. The folded Babyzen Yoyo2 Stroller Frame is less than most airlines' cabin luggage allowance, and the Mimosa Cabin City+ Stroller (Extended Canopy) is recommended for onboard use.

5. What are the main features to look out for?

Baby looking at cute red bag

Indeed, there are some stand-out features you should be on the lookout for when you’re shopping for a baby stroller. 

Comfort and safety

The most important element is that it’s both comfortable and safe for both you and your baby. This means the ample padding should be on the seat, with a secure harness that will ensure bub stays where they should. 

And because you’re going to be pushing it around, you want to make sure the handle is nice and comfortable to hold. Additionally, you should go with something that has suspension in the wheel; otherwise, your baby will be jolted awake with every small stone or crack in the pavement you wheel over. It’s also important to get something with front and rear lockable brakes so you can feel safe that it’s not going to roll away when both you and bub ride on trains or buses.


Furthermore, the stroller’s overall weight and how it folds down and up are all key features to consider – this simply means how easily transferable the stroller is for you. 

Transferring bub from their stroller into the car can be a juggling act to get the job done, especially if you have a handful of shopping bags!

Instead of having to unbuckle them, take them out of the stroller and place them into the child’s seat in the car. You may consider buying a model that lets you quickly and simply make the switch. This is especially useful if you do a reasonable amount of driving. The aforementioned Mimosa Dreamliner Stroller is exactly what you’d need.

Age suitability

Then there’s the age of your child. If they’re a newborn, you’ll need something that lies flat or to go with a bassinet/stroller package. If not, the Fairworld Smart 360 V8 Magic stroller Fairworld Smart 360 V9 Magic Stroller will be perfect, ideal for kids aged seven to 36 months oldbabies/toddlers from 6-36 months or up to 36kg. The Magic stroller by Fairworld is superbly lightweight and compact, the ideal counter to a large, bulky stroller.

Ease of cleaning

As we all know, babies and toddlers are far from clean and will drop endless crumbs and drinks around them in the stroller’s seat. For kids, it’s essentially a right of passage to make a mess, and as such, you want to be able to clean it up easily. Investing in handy accessories can make the experience more convenient, such as the BABYZEN YOYO+ Cup Holder, that’ll easily attach to six different places on the stroller’s frame.

6. How much should you be looking to spend?

A mother pushing her baby boy in a stroller - change to another stroller brand that mothercare carries

With so many different stroller options available, the amount you spend can vary quite substantially. The most important thing to remember here is to ensure that whatever you buy offers all of the ‘must-have’ features you need when it comes to safety and comfort. 

While there are some cheap pushchairs out there, you’ll notice that they simply don’t cut it when it comes to safety features (let alone their comfort levels or any other features). And although you may pay a slightly higher price now, going with something well-known such as a Joie, Mimosa, and Babyzen strollerMagic stroller, baby Chicco stroller, and the like will last much longer than a cheap alternative.

7. What are the essential accessories for every stroller?

Happy baby lying down in the stroller

Without a doubt, there are a few absolute essentials that you should keep with every pushchair and stroller. These are:

  • UV sunshade/rain cover
  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Blankets
  • Toys
  • Bibs
  • Change of clothes (at least 2)

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