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Baby Swimwear And Swimsuits For Endless Poolside Fun

In this hot and humid tropical climate, there’s nothing more refreshing than enjoying a day out at the pool or beach with your baby. Of course, the first thing you’ll need to do is ensure that your baby has the swimwear they need to fully enjoy their aquatic adventure. From newbornnext  swim diapers to toddler-sized swimsuits, Mothercare Malaysia has all that you need to make your day out with the family an unforgettable success!

Selecting Safe Swimsuits for Babies and Toddlers

Your child’s swimwear does more than just make them look adorable. The right swimsuit helps to ensure hygiene for both your baby and others around you (especially for bubs who aren’t quite toilet trained yet), maintain your baby’s body temperature, and most importantly – helps you keep an eye on your baby boy or girl while they’re in the water. 

The colour of our clothing changes when we’re under water, so finding the right coloured swimsuit for your baby is an important safety measure to help you spot any signs of distress or struggle while they‘re in the water. When picking out a swimsuit for your infant or toddler, it’s recommended to look for bright and contrasting colours that are still visible even under the water. This can include red, orange, yellow, green, pink, black, and dark blue.

Shop Newborn and Baby Swimsuits Online in Malaysia

Your next beach day out with bubs will be a breeze with the swimsuits available online at Mothercare Malaysia. With over 60 years of experience in mother and baby retail, we offer new and experienced parents alike dozens of baby care essentials, clothing, toys, and more to smoothen your parenting journey.

Prepare your little one for all sorts of new places and adventures with our range of baby clothing and accessories, from baby bodysuits designed for all-day comfort to infant shoes they can take their first steps in. There’s nothing more beautiful than watching your little one go through new sights and sensations – except being able to experience it right alongside them. Shop our full range online or visit a Mothercare store near you to see our products in action.

Unsure what swimsuit is the best option for your baby? Our Digital Nursery Advisors from Mothercare Malaysia are just a quick message away! Get complimentary parenting advice and product suggestions, or get more practical advice for all those new parent worries on our blog. Read up on how to choose the right breastfeeding products or get answers to all the questions you’ve ever had about baby led weaning.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Swimwear

1. Can a newborn wear a swimsuit?

Yes, although the challenge for parents of infants and newborns might be finding bathers and swimwear small enough to fit your little one! Swimsuits help to keep your baby warm when they’re in the water, and can also help with skin sensitivity issues. Mothercare Malaysia carries a wide range of swimsuits for baby boys and girls alike in our online store. You can also pop by any Mothercare store near you to check our products out for yourself.

2. Can a baby just wear a swim diaper?

Many public swimming pools or facilities require babies and infants to wear a swim diaper as part of their swimwear. Apart from this, each location may have additional requirements for what is suitable swimwear for babies. Do check with the requirements of the establishment before you proceed with swim time. Additionally, you should not put your baby into a regular diaper in place of a swim diaper, as a regular diaper will not perform the same role as the latter.

3. What type of bathing suit or swimsuit is best for babies?

Children from newborn up to 18 months who are not toilet trained yet are recommended to wear a reusable or disposable swim diaper when swimming to ensure proper hygiene. You can also layer an infant or baby swimsuit over the nappy so long as your child is comfortable. Once your baby has completed toilet training, you can broaden your swimwear choices accordingly!

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