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LoveAmme TailorMade Pro Double Breast Pump Motor with Breastmilk Storage And Breast Pad
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Product Code: MCMY-B100141
LoveAmme TailorMade Pro Double Breast Pump Motor with Breastmilk Storage And Breast Pad

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LoveAmme TailorMade Pro Double Breast Pump (motor only)   +MYR899.00
LoveAmme Breastmilk Storage Bag - 5 Pack   +MYR6.00
Loveamme Breast Pad Disposable Ultrasoft - 60pk   +MYR35.00

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At a Glance

About Loveamme Breast Pump
LoveAmme is the only breast pump with a massaging suction as gentle as expressing by hand. Our LoveAmme Breast Pump System offers personalised pumping programmes, skillfully engineered for comfort. Custom-fit FlexSkin Breast Shield options are available separately for all breast shapes and sizes, even for mums with flat or inverted nipples.

Our TailorMade Pro Double Breast Pump has different phases and suctions, which is a real lifesaver when you have flat, inverted or even injured nipples. The TailorMade Pro, coupled with some nifty advice from our advisors, can also be set up to help mums with underperforming milk supply.
Visit our official site for more about LoveAmme at https://www.loveamme.com

About Loveamme Breastmilk Storage Bag
LoveAmme’s self-standing breastmilk bags transport your milk with ease from pump to freezer, to bottle. Our high quality bags are pre-sterilised with β-rays and ready to use out of the box. We proudly call our bags leak-proof – with features such as a double zipper guard, our bags have reinforced seams for the ultimate leak-proof protection. It has been mom-tested to be sufficiently robust for extended freezing!

About Loveamme Breast Pad Disposable Ultrasoft
Ultra-absorbent and designed to fit all breast sizes, while always ensuring comfort for the mothers. Each pad is separately wrapped too, so you can put in your handbag or changing bag knowing they'll stay clean and ready to use anytime.

Features and Benefits

About Loveamme Breast Pump

  • Personalised Pump Experience: 378 suction combinations
  • 3-Phase Expression Technology: For high milk yield
  • Unprecedented Flexibility: Individual breast settings for versatility
  • Unrivalled Pumping Comfort: When used with our Breast Shields, we offer an optimised yet gentle pumping experience
  • Pump In Semi-Lying Position: All tired out? Rest & recuperate while pumping when used with our FlexSkin Breast Shields
  • Targeted Pumping Solution: Customisable for all pumping needs: regular pumping, increasing milk supply, unblocking ducts, easing mastitis & engorgement etc
  • LCD Screen Display: Clear LCD display with a timer to show pump duration
  • Auto Switch Off & Auto Lock: Saves battery with power-off after 30 minutes
  • Auto-Lock saves customised settings
  • Single Or Double Pump: Double pumping halves your pumping time! Single pump to empty stubborn reserves and help prevent blocked ducts
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery: Pump anywhere and recharge with USB

  • About Loveamme Breastmilk Storage Bag
  • Sized at 240ml / 8 ounces, it is available in packs of 5s and 30s
  • Manufactured in an ISO and HACCP certified, as well as FDA-approved environment
  • Bags are certified to be BPA-Free
  • They are designed with a wide mouth for easy filling, but also to pour with no spills
  • The bag has a separate writing tab to prevent ink contamination to your milk
  • Has multiple layers to help preserve your milk nutrients and prevent contamination
  • Designed to be free-standing on surfaces, space-saving when it lies flat for storage in freezer
  • Bags are pre-sterilised with β-rays for use out of the box

  • About Loveamme Breast Pad Disposable Ultrasoft
  • Ultra thin pads perfect for daily activities
  • Each pad is individually wrapped so they'll stay clean, hygienic and ready to use
  • Silky soft and breathable so you stay feeling dry and comfortable
  • Don't forget

    ...complete the pumping with custom fit breast shield, T-joint and bottle stand. all sold separately

    What's in the box

    1 x breastpump motor, 2 x tube, 1x cable, 1 x breastmilk storage bag, 1 x disposable breast pad

    Want to know more:

    3-Phase Expression Technology
    Stimulation Phase: With the widest available range of 6 stimulation cycles (strength), you can select a level most like your baby’s initial light and fast sucking to achieve a faster letdown.
    Expression Phase: This phase mimics your baby’s deep and long sucking post-letdown. Out 6 expression cycles are researched for extraction efficiency - with streamlined combination of suction rhythm, length and strength. Empty your breasts in a shorter time.
    Deep Expression Phase: With our specially formulated dual-level suction, this phase allows for deeper and more complete extraction of milk, which feels just like breast compression during pumping. This mode also helps mothers with inverted nipples with stubborn milk reservoirs.

    How to put together your Loveamme Breast Pump
    A. LoveAmme TailorMade Pro, for pumping customised to each breast
    B. LoveAmme MadeToTravel, for pumping customised to save time
    *All our Breast Pumps work with TommeeTippee,MAM, Pigeon, Phillips Avent Classic and Natural, Snapkis, Hegen (with adaptor) and most wide- neck bottles.

    Measure each nipple for your breast shield size. Our FlexSkin Breast Shields are available in the following sizes: 19/22/24/27/30mm. To measure your breast shield size, please visit https://www.loveamme.com/resources/feeding-tips/nipple-ruler/

    Express Directly into the milk bottle of your choice for a breast-to-bottle experience.
    A. LoveAmme Tommee Tippee FlexSkin T-Joints
    B. LoveAmme MAM/Pigeon FlexSkin T-Joints
    C. LoveAmme Wide-Neck FlexSkin T-Joints, which fits Philips Avent Classic and Natural, Spectra, Snapkis, Hegen (with adaptor) and most wide-neck bottles.

    Provides superior stability for bottles from Snapkis, Pigeon, Spectra, Tommee Tippee, Philips Avent Classic, and Hegen.

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