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Product Code: MCMY-6042847
LoveAmme MadeToTravel Double Breast Pump (motor only)

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Product Code: MCMY-6042847
LoveAmme MadeToTravel Double Breast Pump (motor only)
At a Glance

If you want to spend less time pumping, you’re in good company. Introducing LoveAmme MadeToTravel, the World’s 1st customisable Breast Pump. With every pump session customised for efficiency, it’s a real time-saver. For multi-tasking mums, it’s quiet enough to pump while the baby’s asleep or even over video calls!

MadeToTravel is the only breast pump with 2 stimulation phases - choose between Stimulation and Dual Stimulation to enable faster letdown. Then cycle through Expression into LoveAmme’s unique Deep Expression Phase for complete extraction of milk.

On top of 8 strength levels for each phase, there are even Turbo Cycles to boost a half-level increase. This precision pumping maintains the best response from your breasts to save on pumping time. Feel another onset of milk rushing in? No problem. Just hit Turbo Cycle to supercharge the pumping.

Features and Benefits

  • Time-Saving Turbo Cycles for precise extraction
  • Faster Letdown with 2 stimulation phases
  • Deep Expression for complete extraction of milk
  • Pump direct to feeding bottle to save time
  • Use with FlexSkin Shields to optimise suction and pumping comfort
  • Quiet pump at only 58dB
  • Small (9.5 x 9.5 x 5.6cm) and light (224g)
  • Works as both single or double pump
  • Auto switch-off & auto-lock
  • Built-in rechargeable battery

  • What's in the box

    1 x breastpump motor, 2 x tube, 1x cable

    Want to know more:

    4-Phase Pumping Programmes
    1. Stimulation Phase: With a wide range of 16 stimulation cycles (strength) to choose from, this mimics your baby’s initial light and fast sucking to bring on a faster letdown.
    2. Dual Stimulation Phase: With a unique suction rhythm, this 2nd Stimulation Phase is designed to help mothers who have difficulty achieving letdown. With 2 Stimulation Phases to choose from, MadeToTravel provides better stimulation for faster letdown, and also helps to relieve engorged breasts.
    3. Expression Phase: Our long suction cycles help to empty the breasts better by extracting more milk in each suction, mimicking your baby’s deep and long sucking after letdown.
    4. Deep Expression Phase: With our specially formulated dual-level suction, this phase allows for deeper and more complete extraction of milk, which feels just like breast compression during pumping. This phase also helps mothers with inverted nipples to better empty their breasts.

    How to put together your Loveamme Breast Pump
    Step 1: Select A Loveamme Breast Pump;
    A. LoveAmme TailorMade Pro, for pumping customised to each breast.
    B. LoveAmme MadeToTravel, for pumping customised to save time.
    *All our Breast Pumps work with TommeeTippee, MAM, Pigeon, Phillips Avent Classic and Natural, Snapkis, Hegen (with adaptor) and most wide- neck bottles.

    Step 2: Custom-Fit Each Breast
    Measure each nipple for your breast shield size. Our FlexSkin Breast Shields are available in the following sizes: 19/22/24/27/30mm. To measure your breast shield size, please visit https://www.loveamme.com/resources/feeding-tips/nipple-ruler/

    Step 3: Find Your Loveamme Flexskin T-Joints
    Express Directly into the milk bottle of your choice for a breast-to-bottle experience;
    A. LoveAmme Tommee Tippee FlexSkin T-Joints
    B. LoveAmme MAM/Pigeon FlexSkin T-Joints
    C. LoveAmme Wide-Neck FlexSkin T-Joints, which fits Philips Avent Classic and Natural, Spectra, Snapkis, Hegen (with adaptor) and most wide-neck bottles

    Step 4: Pop Into Our Bottle Stand
    Provides superior stability for bottles from Snapkis, Pigeon, Spectra, Tommee Tippee, Philips Avent Classic, and Hegen.

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