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Food for thought

Food for thought

Eating well and keeping healthy will give your baby the best start in life. Follow our guide and you'll be blooming.

A healthy diet during pregnancy is very recommended - eating for two does not mean tucking into double portions, however now is not the time for crunch calorie cutting.

There are a few extra things you need to remember during pregnancy to ensure that you do not succumb to any nasty bugs (which would usually pass unnoticed through most people but can damage unborn babies.

There are three main things to be aware of:

  • Listeria - Bacteria that may be found in certain foods and can be harmful to your baby.
  • Toxoplasma - a harmful parasite that is found in raw or uncooked meat and soil (so wash all vegetables thoroughly) and may also be carried by cats and kitten (so dont change litter trays).
  • Salmonella - bacteria that can cause bad food poisoning, making you feel awful and affect your baby if your temperature soars.

This may sound confusing but follow our guide of foods to avoid, foods to reduce and foods to indulge in.

Fill up on these...

  • Lean meat, white fish, chicken, cooked eggs and pulses - these give you protein, the building blocks for growth
  • Wholemeal bread, pasta, rice and potatoes - these give you carbohydrate, for energy, fibre and nutrients
  • Dairy foods - these give you calcium, plus vitamins A & D

Limit your intake...

  • Deli foods eg meats and salads - they must be kept chilled, can cause listeria
  • Raw shellfish - they are fine if fresh and cooked until piping hot
  • Tuna - two steaks / four cans per week, can contain mercury contamination
  • Oily fish - two portions per week is the limit, can contain mercury contamination
  • Sushi - fine if fish has been prefrozen (pre packed sushi is fine), possible worm contamination - freezing kills any worms
  • Peanuts - avoid if your close family suffer from allergy, may trigger peanut allergy in your baby

Cut out completely...

  • Mould - ripened soft or blue cheese, soft unpasteurised goats or sheeps milk, can cause listeria
  • Pate - non liver pate is fine, can cause listeria
  • Liver and liver pate - may contain too much vitamin A
  • Raw and uncooked meat - may cause salmonella and toxoplasma
  • Unpasteurised milk - may cause listeria
  • Softwhip ice cream - may cause listeria
  • Raw / uncooked eggs (used in fresh mayo) - may cause salmonella
  • Swordfish, shark and marlin/strong> - possible high levels of mercury

Foods to avoid during pregnancy