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toys 18-24 months

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toys 18-24 months

Being a boisterous toddler is all about forging an identity, pushing the boundaries and developing social skills to help cope with every new experience. Your toddler will no doubt be experiencing a fair few tantrums, tears and frustration as well as greater understanding of the world around them, plus advancing speech and mobility. Her personality will become clearly defined and she'll be able to understand much more than she can say. Your toddler will now be able to play with toys that require more dexterity and she will persevere with things that do not seem to work straight away.

age and skills

  • Your toddler will begin to enjoy make-believe play.
  • Play will become more purposeful and your toddler will be more persistent with activities.
  • They will now be walking more confidently and will want to pull toys along behind them.
  • They will be able to follow simple instructions and remember what to do.
  • Language will become more important.

Suitable toys - pull along toys, dressing up outfits, play houses, puzzles, books, pre-school computers.

Pull along toys

Toddlers confident enough to walk and turn around at the same time will enjoy pull-along toys, especially if the toy makes a noise, has flapping 'feet' or produces some other effect as it moves ??the Pull Along Bots are three crazy 'bot's that spin and make noises when pulled along.

Dressing up outfits

Start your own dressing up box or buy outfits that are easy to put on and take off. Make sure anything you buy is big enough to last at least a year, or choose hats, capes and other equipment where size doesn't matter.


Play trays and simple jigsaws give toddlers a sense of achievement as they see the pieces fit in and the picture take shape. They may even be more encouraged to play if they are with their favourite character toys, like the Peppa Pig Bumper puzzle Pack.


Picture books, story books and novelty books with squeakers and pop up pictures will feed a toddler's interest - try the Waybuloo Piplings Sound Book for a noisy interactive book. The books they 'read' alone should be durable and wipe-clean.

Pre-school computers

Laptops, such as the Fireman Sam Laptop, provide a fun way to learn numbers, alphabet sounds and early words and are a great way to introduce your toddler to keyboards and computers (it's also a great idea to give your little one their own play laptop if they keep insisting on trying to use your 'real' one).

safety first

  • At this age, toddlers are less likely to put things in their mouth, but it is still important to avoid toys with small or removeable parts.
  • Make sure dressing up clothes can be slipped on and off with no ties that can be tied too tightly.
  • Assemble play houses carefully and check that your toddler is able to open the door easily.
  • Check that the battery covers of any battery operated toys are properly secured before use.