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Your body changes constantly during pregnancy, sometimes even daily! The trick to maintaining your pre-pregnancy style without spending a fortune on clothes is to invest in some key pieces which will grow with your bump. This might mean buying a couple of pairs of trousers, jeans or skirts (whatever you normally wear) and some comfortable maternity tops. Then all you have to do is accessorize with what you already have at home (think scarves, necklaces and bags which don't have to change just because you're pregnant). Here are some maternity top tips to help you get your wardrobe right.

  • If you're a 'jeans person', buy a pair of jeans to grow with you throughout your pregnancy - look for a jean with stretch that will give you comfort and performance during your pregnancy. Try both our over the bump and under the bump jeans to see which feels the most comfortable for you.
  • Layering vests and tunics over leggings- This look will last your whole pregnancy and is versatile enough to wear every season.
  • Maintain your style - you know what suits you, take inspiration from your own wardrobe and pick maternity versions of your favourite looks. Luckily maternity clothes now follow style trends just as non-maternity clothes do, so you'll no longer feel like you're buying a tent to cover your bump in!
  • Nursing tops - enjoy the versatility of wearing these before you have you baby and afterwards to aid you in discreet and easy breastfeeding.
  • Fitted garments flatter your body- designs that grow with you are better for your style and your pregnant silhouette.
  • Maternity bras - don't delay get measured as soon as you feel its right; wearing the right size maternity bra is important to your health and wellbeing whilst pregnant.
  • Invest in dresses - well designed maternity dresses will ensure you continue looking chic throughout your pregnancy. Accessorise with shoes, bags and scarves to tap into the season's trends.
  • Swimwear - Swimming throughout your pregnancy is a great way of staying fit and a fantastic stress-reliever. Invest in a maternity tankini which can also be worn after the baby is born.
  • Maternity nightwear - Look for fabrics that give you comfort and support whilst in bed. Wearing a nursing bra complete with nursing clips is a must post-pregnancy when breastfeeding your baby at night-time.
  • A good cardigan can help to wrap around you on chilly evenings ??it can also be left open once your bump gets big!