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checklist for pregnancy and labour

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checklist for pregnancy and labour

It's exciting being pregnant, but there are also lots of things to think about and plan, just when your memory is getting a bit muddled (don't worry, this is sometimes termed 'pregnancy brain' and we promise it disappears once you have your baby). That's why it's useful to be prepared, write some lists and consider what you might need for your pregnancy, labour and after the birth. Of course this depends on you, you don't have to buy everything, but these lists may help you to decide.

What you may need whilst pregnant:

  • Mothercare maternity brasand briefs
  • Maternity nightwear
  • Mum-to-be massage cream
  • Maternity jeans - Mothercare have over or under the bump jeans
  • Pregnancy pillow
  • Pregnancy support belt
  • Maternity leggings
  • Maternity support tights

What you may need for hospital

The trick with your hospital bag is not to pack too much. Mainly because there is limited space in maternity wards so you don't want to cram it with bags and suitcases. Mixing practical items with a few home comforts can help make you feel ready to face the birth.

  • Mothercare nursing bras
  • Nursing pads and cream
  • Nightie / PJs with feeding accessibility
  • Nursing tops
  • Change of clothes and underwear
  • Hair band
  • Lip balm
  • Toiletries
  • Slippers or warm socks
  • Pregnancy pillow / breastfeeding pillow
  • Extra drinks and food
  • iPod/MP3 Player/CD Player
  • Your phone and phone charger
  • A camera