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Moving your baby into her own highchair is a milestone moment in itself and you'll no doubt have the camera ready to record every minute. You'll know when your baby is ready to use a high chair because he or she can confidently sit unsupported; probably from around the age of six months. The important thing is to be governed by your own baby's development and how firm his/ her back is. Once ready to sit in a high chair it's vital that your baby is secured with a crutch strap and a five-point harness.

From a baby's point of view it's exciting being on eye level with grown-ups, having solids to eat (and throw around!) plus the opportunity to wriggle and make a lot of noise! You'll love the concept of wipe-clean and it's worth investing in a splash mat to place beneath your chosen highchair. Of course, highchairs are also fantastic for keeping growing babies busy playing with their toys. This will inevitably mean you are going to do a lot of picking up - so be careful protecting your back. Moving up into a highchair is an exciting stage for your baby - and for you. Above all - never leave your baby alone in a highchair.

From six months to the stage where he/ she is too big to sit in it comfortably and can use his/ her weight to rock it, up to three years old, use convertible highchairs/ booster seats.

There are various highchairs on the market answering different needs. When making your selection make sure highchairs conform to current safety standards.

Lightweight folding highchairs

  • Value-for-money, easy to fold metal frames make these ideal for travelling and packing in the back of a car.
  • They fold down to 122 x 56 x 21 cm or 71 x 74 x 35 cm.
  • A lightweight pine version weighs 4.7 kg.
  • They may have a fixed easy-clean tray or a detachable one with three adjustable positions.
  • They have padded wipe-clean PVC seats for extra comfort.
  • Weighs between 5.4 kg - 8 kg.

Convertible highchairs

These have a long life as they are designed to work as a highchair for your baby before converting into a low chair and table as he/ she becomes a toddler up to the age of around three years old.

  • Low chair seat height from 25 cm - 28 cm. Low table seat height 43 cm - 45 cm.
  • Usually available in sturdy wood - either pine of beech.
  • A shaped wipe - clean cushion can be bought separately.
  • Comes with a crutch strap plus D-strings for securing a safety harness which may be sold separately.
  • Either has a removable wipe clean tray or a detachable wooden one.
  • Overall weight between 10.5 kg - 12 kg

Convertible highchairs

Depending on how luxurious the model, it will feature four to seven height adjustments. This allows you to adjust it from a conventional highchair position to table level when your toddler is older.

  • Adjustable three position backrest and footrest for extra comfort
  • Padded wipe-clean seats
  • May be freestanding when folded
  • Frame easily folds flat for storage and travel
  • Seat height from 64 cm down to 29 cm
  • Weighs between 9 kg - 12 kg

Safety First

It's vital that you keep your baby as safe as possible when using a highchair. Put yourself in your toddler's shoes and imagine what he would grab and touch ??is there anything dangerous that is in reach that you should move? Follow these golden rules to ensure your child stays safe and happy and enjoys his meals!

  • While in the highchair your baby should be secured at all times with the harness supplied or an approved harness complying with BS 6684.
  • Highchairs should also conform to BS5799.
  • Never leave your child in the highchair unattended.
  • Do not use the highchair on a slippery or raised surface. When folded it should be kept out of children's reach.
  • Take special care when getting your child in or out of the highchair.